2 March 2018
Greenlight is pleased to announce that Hannah Kimuyu, Paid Media Director at Greenlight, and Angie Knibb, Head of Paid Search at Greenlight, will be speaking on the Marketing Transformation Stage from 11h20-12h00 on 7th March at Marketing Week Live this year. Hannah and Angie will be tackling how businesses can turn volatility and challenges in their home markets into opportunities abroad, as well as discussing the benefits of having a holistic digital strategy through channel alignment generally. Furthermore, they’ll highlight why businesses must truly understand and know their audiences, and how this can increase relevancy and accuracy across digital marketing activity.

Brands will have their own motivations to expand to new markets, however, with Brexit just around the corner, some may be considering such a move more than ever before. The good news is that paid search is a great channel to test new markets with; it’s relatively simple to build and set up campaigns from your home office and constantly evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. That being said, knowing more about who your core (and most valuable) audiences are in new markets is fundamental, particularly in the early stages, which could be expensive if audience data isn’t accessible or used to fuel activity. Having this information to hand is just the start of the journey though. It’s important that brands develop a holistic digital strategy overall across all markets, in order to drive efficiencies which deliver greater value than channel-specific activity can drive alone.

What will digital marketers get from the session?

Having an audience-first approach to digital marketing is key to end-user relevancy and value, while also enabling significant efficiencies across online activity. Applying this logic to digital marketing strategies is at the crux of our session, as this can help inform decisions during times of uncertainty and complexity. Our session aims to equip marketers with the mindset and techniques required to steer your brand to online success, even when the landscape you’re operating in is volatile. Marketers will also get an understanding of the benefits of having a holistic view of biddable activity and strategies, in order to ensure it’s working together to form something that’s greater than the sum of its parts and, most importantly, not having any counterproductive effects.
See Hannah and Angie speak at Marketing Week Live on the 7th March at 11h20-12h00.

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