2 March 2018
London-based AI marketing technology company, Phrasee, is currently the world’s leader in brand compliant language generation for global brands. And it’s delivering big results for the likes of Dominoes, Gumtree, and Virgin Holidays.

In only three short years of operation Phrasee’s team of data scientists, computational linguists and developers have been hard at work driving impressive results for leading global brands across every continent. Early adopters of Phrasee’s AI technology-driven marketing language solution – that optimises email marketing subject line language and multivariate testing – are now sharing results.

Virgin Holidays is one such Phrasee early-adopter. Over the past three years, Virgin Holidays has seen a sizeable increase in revenue equating to several million pounds from its email marketing channel. Customer Lifecycle Lead at Virgin Holidays, Saul Lopes, is quoted saying, “The results have been very, very good. Virgin Holidays email open rates have increased by 2% points, and that 2% of incremental opens translates to multi-million pounds in revenue.”

Phrasee’s use of Natural Language Generation to write language that is indistinguishable from that of humans whilst maintaining brand voice, combined with the application of Deep Learning to predict and optimise the performance of email subject lines, delivers ongoing optimisation of email subject lines based on previous engagement results. And more and more enterprise-scale brands are taking notice.

What does it mean for email marketing efforts? Phrasee’s Chief Scientist, Neil Yager, PhD, explains, “When humans see a subject line in their inbox, millions of neurons in their brain are firing at the same time. You make a decision on whether or not to open in a split second. There are many factors that your brain considers. Simple approaches to email subject line generation, such as those based primarily on sentiment analysis, aren’t able to model this complexity. That is where Phrasee AI systems come in.”

“If you can easily deconstruct a model and say why it made the decisions it made, then you may not be using a terribly sophisticated model. Phrasee realised this early on, which is why we rely so heavily on recent advances in deep learning. Our focus is on the performance of the overall system and the increased revenue it brings to our customers. Using this end-to-end approach, we can let the deep learning models handle the details. That’s the real power of AI.”

Phrasee is a service that is fast demanding a space on the marketing teams of leading global brands around the world for its removal of human bias from marketing language, ease of use, and remarkable delivery of increased open rates and revenue results. The million dollar question: Is Phrasee a part of your marketing efforts yet? Find out more about Phrasee from the Phrasee team at Marketing Week Live, 7-8 March 2018.

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